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CERTUNIV Railway Certification and Technical Expert Ltd.

Notified Body (NoBo), railway interoperability, control-command and signalling (CCS), see NANDO;

Designated Body (Debo) for Hungarian railway systems, control-command and signalling.

Trade NO: 01-09-883150



Office: mailto:info@certuniv.hu

DR. TARNAI, GÉZA managing director

phone: (+36) 30 991-0989; e-mail: tarnai.geza@certuniv.hu


DR. RÁCZ, GÁBOR director, BA

phone: (+36) 30 991-0990; e-mail: racz.gabor@certuniv.hu

DR. SZABÓ, GÉZA managing director

phone: (+36) 30  383-3613; e-mail: szabo.geza@certuniv.hu


DR. SÁGHI, BALÁZS director, QA

phone: (+36) 20  823-0039; e-mail: saghi.balazs@certuniv.hu


Informations for Applicants (zipped documents, 1,2M)


(last modified/validated: 14th of February, 2018): NoBo certificates; DeBo certificates



Our colleagues are happy to provide more information if you wish; do not hesitate to contact us.